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          Home ? Buyer Service ? Gasgoo Video Meeting
          What Can You Benefit From Gasgoo Video Meeting?


          Suppliers pre-verification and invitation based on your requirements...

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          To access the meeting anytime at anywhere covered by internet...

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          Cost Saving

          To save your time on email checking; To save your time on desk research...

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          Join UsThe below buyers already attend the meeting, why not come to

          Jesmotor Spares Limited
          Sourcing Manager
          Joshua Sichinga

          “I do not know how to thank you guys for the unmatchable help. I have had overwhelming response from various suppliers. It’s been incredible. I am so happy that I linked up with you guys.”

          Join UsThe below buyers already attend the meeting, why not come to

          General Manager
          Cataline Landa

          “The meeting was very helpful for our purchasing in China . We wish to get more such meetings in the future.”

          What is Gasgoo Video Meeting?

          Gasgoo Video Meeting is held according to buyer’s requirement. Gasgoo pre-audit suppliers according to the specific need and invite suppliers to attend the meeting. Just sitting in the office or anywhere that is covered by the Internet, you can meet suppliers and share documents or even get quotation from suppliers.

          Buyer Service Team

          We welcome any kinds of consultancy and inquiry from Global Buyers!

          Join Us
          Tel: 86-21-51699066
          Fax: 86-21-50366106
          Email: buyer-support@gasgoo.com